What is Guestsnow

Guestsnow is a web and mobile app guest list management. This unique app lets you invite and check guests or members in to events and venues with minimum cost, hassle, and waste. Guestsnow is loaded with user-friendly features that helps you to manage your guest list easily, and can handle any level of guest volumes . Forget endless printouts and juggling multiple software applications. Guestsnow puts total control in the palm of your hand in one easy app. Guestsnow is the solution for you.

Ditch your clipboard and step into the digital age.

How it works

Sign up for Guestsnow at no charge


1. Create an event

Input your event information

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2. Manage Guest Lists
 Upload or reuse guest lists or manually enter your guests info

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3. Confirm Guests
Send email confirmations with QR code to your guests

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4. Check-In Guests
Scan barcodes and your guests are in.

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Guestsnow' Features that Helps You to Run Your Events/Venues Smoothly


  • Self manage guest lists - You no longer need to chase after your sub promoters or managers or agents for their lists. Once you assign list/s to them, they can add their guests to the list/s. Our system updates everything in real time. If you need to cap the list, you can do so. 
  • Promoter access - You can assign guest list/s to your promoters to upload their list/s without interfering your other lists or events and looking at your datas. 
  • Staff access - Perfect for door staffs to check guests in and not able to manage or create any events and add names to guest lists.
  • Limited Manager & Limited Staff access - You can assign the certain events to your limited managers or limited staffs with limited access to your account. This is perfect if you have multiple events at the same time or multiple venues. This prevent them to look at your other events and datas. 
  • Add guests on the go - With our mobile apps (iOS & Android), you can add guests on the go by pasting the tests in a text box. Our mobile apps also allow you to select a guest list to add your guests to.
  • Edit guest info & increase pluses - You can edit guest's name, note, and increase their plus 1 in the Edit page in mobile app.
  • Delete guests on the go - you can swipe right to delete the guests
  • Event Analytic - Our excel export report includes all guests' status with check-in timestamp. The event statistic shows a detailed report of each guest list and breakdown of the event.
  • Offline mode - No signal at the event location? We got you cover. You can check guests in, add guests last min, and check on event stats with our offline mode.
  • Facebook event integration  - Integrate your Facebook event with Guestsnow and check your Facebook guests in.
  • RSVP feature - We can customize your event RSVP page, invites, and confirmation emails. One easy step to set up your RSVP list -  all you need to do is create an RSVP event and send out your RSVP invites.  Your guests confirm their attendance and our system sends them a confirmation email with QR code. At the day of the event, you check them in. 
  • Collecting data - With our RSVP feature, you can collect guest's data export it to excel.
  • RSVP Page Analytic - We provide total visitors of your RSVP event page and total number of RSVP'd guests of the event.
  • Un-invite guests - Need to trim down your RSVP list? Our system will send out the un-invited email to your guests. We do the dirty work for you. 
  • Email status - Track all the confirmation emails and invites you sent out/
  • Reminder & follow up email (ready in November) - Set a timer to send out reminder to your guests and follow up with your guests after the event. 

Why Works with Guestsnow

Step into the future and use the most efficient guest list platform to help manage your events. Try it out for free!

Easy Setup
User friendly interface to manage your guest lists 

Secure list and server
 No more party crashers with gjests secured server

  White label all communications


Efficient Check-In
Scan barcodes or type in guest names

  Multiple Devices
 Check guests in with multiples devices at once

Guests can share events on socials and email

Real-time Syncing
Make last-minute changes with no hassle


Multiple Guest Tiers
From General Admission to VIP and more 

RSVP Feature
 Collect guest's data & confirming attandace

Track the numbers
 Track event capacity and get event analytics 

Contributor Access
 Grant access to others to help manage the event

Offline Mode
 No signal? We got you covered


Contact Jocelyn at Jocelyn@guestsnowapp.com