LED — Music Promoter

When party promoter LED wanted to escape the tyranny of endless print-outs it turned to gjests to bring its guest list into the digital age. LED stands for My Life Every Day and its ethos is celebrating music and embracing technology to make the most of every moment. So they ditched the clipboards and brought its entry system in line with its ideals by using the app to manage multiple sub-promoters and guest lists at San Diego's favorite clubs including Bang Bang, Quarteryard, and Music Box. LED also relied on gjests to manage guest lists for its MyLED USA Festival.

gjests features that LED utilizes:

  • Guest list feature
  • Promoter access
  • Staff Access
  • Check-in feature
  • Mobile app check-in
  • Add guests via mobile app
  • Add/edit note when check guests in 
  • Guest list limitation feature
  • Capacity tracking
  • Event analytics