Insomniac — Music Festival Producers

When Insomniac, one of the most innovative and immersive music festival producers out there, needs an app to deliver efficient event management software for its underground warehouse nightlife brand, Factory 93, Guestsnow is where it turns. With 150 promoters, artist managers and agents contributing to their events, Insomniac - Factory 93 uses Guestsnow’s efficient Collaboration features to manage how each team adds guests and +1s to their guest lists. This significantly reduces the time it takes to manage and approve guest list submissions, and cuts out unnecessary deadlines and messy lists. Most recently, Insomniac - Factory 93 used Guestsnow to run their high-profile Deadmau5 event in Los Angeles.

gjests features that Insomniac utilizes:

  • Guest list feature
  • Promoter access
  • Staff Access
  • Check-in feature
  • Mobile app check-in
  • Add guests via mobile app
  • Add/edit note when check guests in 
  • Guest list limitation feature
  • Capacity tracking
  • Event analytics