Stay Connected Even in Offline Mode


You’ve spent months planning; the guest lists are ready; the venue is set; everything is perfect… until you stand at the entrance waiting for guests to arrive and realize you have no signal to properly check them in. 😨

Not with Guestsnow!

Our offline mode feature allows you to sync your lists before the event and keep all check-in functionality even with no signal. Download your guest list to your phone, check guests in, even add notes -- all offline. Of course, multiple devices can’t sync in offline mode so make sure you’re using only one during this period. When you reconnect, your lists will automatically update and you can download your report complete with check-in timestamp.

Our clients love it. Check out this case study from SLOTix to see how they use Guestsnow, and our offline mode feature.

Don’t let the unexpected catch you off guard… Use Guestsnow for your penthouse, basement or warehouse events, in the city or the countryside, knowing you always have an offline mode backup.

Guestsnow: Ditch the Clipboard™. Try the app for free or log into your existing account for your next event.