Guestsnow Spotlight: Melbourne AFL Football Club

Image courtesy of Melbourne Football Club

Image courtesy of Melbourne Football Club

At Guestsnow, we aim to satisfy our customers all around the world, whatever their needs may be. The Melbourne Australian Football League (AFL) Club is one of those clients whose goals vary widely throughout the year. We’re happy to offer them a one-stop solution for all their events, big or small, complex or simple.

Some background: the Melbourne Football Club is a professional AFL team, currently ranked 5th in the League. Its home stadium is the well-known Melbourne Cricket Ground -- or MCG -- which can host up to 102,000 fans.

Check-ins better be smooth with those numbers!

Some of the events Melbourne FC uses us for include:

  • Membership Promotions: This season, the Club featured a #FireUp promotion for season ticket holders (i.e. members) who attended a certain number of games. They imported this list of members into Guestnow and used our platform to quickly search for and check them in to note they had received their prize.

  • Stadium Events: These include traditional game-day events in the stadium with barcoded tickets, as well as special events like the annual “Welcome Game.” The latter gathers 20,000 attendees from 100+ cultural backgrounds, and requires managers to check-in different kinds of guests (i.e. members and non-members) from different locations at the venue, at the same time. Guetsnow’s multiple Contributor tiers, synchronized check-ins, and VIP Notifications help managers know who’s who while guests continue to flow in smoothly.

  • Premium Events: Melbourne FC and the MCG also host premium functions outside of the stadium, where it is essential to swiftly check-in 600+ guests and let them know their seating.

Though Melbourne FC has unfortunately been eliminated in this year’s season, MCG is hosting the AFL’s Grand Final between the West Coast Eagles and the Collingwood Magpies this Saturday. We’re confident Guestsnow will help them manage their patrons efficiently.

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