White Label Your Event to Make It Truly Yours

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Event checklists are endless and bringing an affair to life requires top-notch multi-tasking and organization. Guestsnow provides highly coveted features in one easy-to-use platform that seriously unloads your event-planning plate. What’s more, we offer you extensive white labeling to fully personalize and claim credit for your beautiful event.

Why is white labeling important? Here are some ways you and your brand can benefit from it:

It boosts the visibility of your brand: White labeling puts your company from and center, making sure you benefit from all the brand recognition related to your events, even when using third-party services.

It strengthens client loyalty: The more a client sees your name attached to a product or an event they know and love, the more they will associate it with the quality of your brand and serve as loyal ambassadors.

It allows you to take advantage of expert work for a fraction of the cost: By using a product like Guestsnow, which takes the heavy load off of you and your team, you benefit from our expertise at a fraction of the cost.

It saves you time and money: Don’t waste valued time and resources figuring out the kinks of something you have never done before when you can get a better result for less money through a service like Guestsnow that makes your need their speciality.

Need more convincing? SkyStats and Forbes offer their own reasons for white labeling, too.

From invite pages to confirmation and RSVP emails, Guestsnow’s white labeling features allow you to make your event truly yours. Most are available in any of our paid plans at no additional cost, and you can request to customize your URL for an additional $500 fee.

Knock yourselves out and create the event of your dreams on Guestsnow, at your service and fearlessly devoted to the Ditch the Clipboard™ movement.

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