7 Ways Event Tech & Guestsnow Can Change Your Life


Technology has changed our way of life already. With more than 50% smartphone penetration worldwide, over 3.2 million apps in the Google Play app store and more than 2.2 million apps in the iOS app store, we are heavily connected and beyond that, heavily dependent on being connected.

The time for introspection on the state of the human race will come…. Today, we celebrate this connectivity and show you how it can make your life easier, your events happier and your savings much bigger with Guestsnow.

Here are 7 reasons why using event tech for your events, whether professional or personal, is a good idea:

1. Save the Environment

Less paper = a better world for everyone. Not to mention, going digital makes it far easier than keeping track of things on paper. You can get your full team on the same page (literally and figuratively) by using Guestsnow’s event management app so everyone can see the most up-to-date information in real-time and make decisions that are informed, organized and better for the environment.

2. Make Things Easier

Is the guest list sorted alphabetically? By first name or last name? What if the name is misspelled? We’ve all been there, scanning through multiple stapled lists while our eyes start to cross and heads start to hurt. Event tech makes looking guests up easy. Type in part of a name or just scan a QR code and voilà. Why make things harder than they need to be?

3. Wait Less

Sorting through your guest list faster means fewer people tapping their feet impatiently in line. That also means less stress for you and less of a need to keep your line entertained or in check (rowdy patrons are the worst, amirite?).

4. Keep Track

Who wants to go through various sets of manually checked off guest lists to see how many people showed up? No. one. Event tech allows you to easily track who came and who bailed and with Guestsnow, you can even message guests after your event for a special thank you or sell-through straight from the app. Brownie points: your venue can also keep track of their capacity during the event. Now that’s teamwork.

5. Feast Your Eyes

I don’t care how pretty your font or clipboards are, printing a sheet of paper and constantly losing pens and highlighters are not a match for a well-designed and user-friendly app like Guestsnow. Impress your guests and step into the digital age. #ditchtheclipboard.

6. Know More, and Better

Event tech brings so much more to the table than pen and paper. Not only can you breeze through your guest check-in, with Guestsnow you can also give guests Super VIP status, sending you push notifications when they arrive so you can greet them with the appropriate attention. Information is power, and you can wield this power to make your events better attended and more successful.

7. Save Money

With cost-efficient services like Guestsnow, you don’t spend a penny more than necessary. Guestsnow has various pricing tiers to match your needs -- including a free one -- all of which come with great customer service to ensure you make the most out of our features.

Embrace event tech and Ditch the Clipboard™ with Guestsnow. Our event management platform is perfect for events of any kind, large or small, and we guarantee that everyone involved, from vendors to customers, will leave feeling happier and more accomplished.

Try Guestsnow for free or log into your existing account before your next event.