Digitize Your Event Check-In to Avoid Chaos at the Door

Events are stressful; that’s a given. The more you plan ahead, the better event day will go -- also pretty straightforward. So how can you make sure your check-in line moves quickly and your heart rate... does not? One answer: Guestsnow.

With a collection of carefully created features, Guestsnow ensures that your pre-event to-do list gets checked off quickly and seamlessly so that your day-of tasks stay at a minimum. Here are few tools you should never go without:

Promoter Access to Guest Lists

Stop the madness of adding names last minute to your guest list, or worse, during the event itself. Guestsnow allows you to give Promoter Access to collaborators so that they can take the onus of adding their own guests to your list. Of course, you’re still in charge of how many guests they can add, including number of +1s, +2s, etc., and their ability to check-in guests.

Automated RSVPs

Guestsnow’s automated RSVP system allows guests to respond directly via the email you send them, so you don’t have to manually confirm their presence. What’s more, they receive a personalized QR code they can just show at the door for hassle-free check-in.

Add Guests On-the-Go

Of course, sometimes you actually need to add guests on-the-go… Guestsnow has that covered too, in just a few taps to help you save time and tension.

Push Notifications for Super VIPs and Artists

Another great benefit of Guestsnow’s digitized solutions are the push notifications you get when your most important guests arrive. You can stop scanning the room frantically -- you and your people will know right away when it’s time to lay out the red carpet.

These are just some examples of how Guestsnow can help you simplify the tasks that typically take your attention away from the event you’ve spent all this time preparing for. Use that newfound headspace to greet your guests, troubleshoot all the other stuff and generally give your event that extra je ne sais quoi.

Try Guestsnow for free or log into your existing account to make use of all these great features and more. The best part: it’s one flat fee per event for access to all the perks Guestsnow has to offer.