A Le$$on in Customization: Levi's Block Party

Levi’s invented the blue jean in 1873. Almost 150 years later, they’re still the coolest legwear for men and women and the brand remains a fashion staple around the world. When they came to Guestsnow looking for help to manage their last event, we were excited to provide the customization features they needed to continue to stand out from the competition.

Levi's Block Party RSVP landing page

Levi's Block Party RSVP landing page

To do this, Guestsnow implemented a custom design for Levi’s event RSVP landing page. We included a range of relevant questions like “What is your jacket size;” “What company do you work for” and “What is your title;” and of course, the standard “Are you attending the event” and “Who invited you.” This not only fulfilled Levi’s branding and customization requirements, it also allowed them to capture the exact data they needed for remarketing, production, and customer service needs.

Furthermore, by using Guestsnow instead of hiring a contractor to build a new webpage and manage it, Levi’s saved a lot of time and money they can now repurpose in other ways. All of Guestsnow’s packages include our full suite of features and allow you to select the right one for your needs, whether it’s paying one flat fee for a single event or a monthly subscription if you’re an event-planning machine.

Try it now for free or log into your existing Guestsnow account to play with our customization features. These are guaranteed to help improve your branding, guest experience and data surrounding all your events.