New Features Updates


Upload the perfect custom wallpaper to your RSVP event landing page at no extra cost. 

Add & Check-in

Have walk-up guests? No sweat. Add and check them in at the same time in our mobile app. Time: saved. 


Check-ins are great, but sometimes you also need to know when people check-out. Our new feature does just that and it's perfect for keeping track of numbers at a seminar, camp, or high-security event.  


Did you know that you can upload GIFs to your invites and RSVP event landing pages to make them stand out? Event Sign-In has never looked so good.


We added an extra column for affiliation when you upload your Excel or CSV guest lists. Your guests' affiliation now appears under their name on the check-in screen in our app.

Text Box Import 

You can now easily import both email and guest name with our text box upload to your guest list. Simply type 'Guest Name, Email Address' and click the Add button to update your list. 


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