No Detail Left Uncovered: Use Targeted Emails to Tidy Up Your Events

When planning events, you’re juggling a million things: venue, activities, budgets and of course, RSVPs. If you’re on top of your game, you will have sent your invitations far in advance, to make sure your guests pencil in that date and attend the festivities. But what happens after? We all know things change, people forget, and once the event is over, it’s onto the next big thing. Here’s how to stay top of mind without overcrowding your guests.

Update Your Guests With Relevant Changes

Most likely, some elements of your event will change as planning progresses. You probably don’t need to email your guests with every little update, but things like a new start time, change of venue or modification of a theme are quite important. Keep all of these relevant tidbits together and share them as a joint update/reminder close to your event date, or contact your guests right before for last minute updates.

Guestsnow has a new feature that does just that. Type out the body of your email with your updates, select the list you wish to send it to and voilà.

Gently Follow Up with Guests Who Have Yet to Confirm

With emails and invitations coming in left and right, it can be hard for guests to know which events actually need their attention. That’s all very well for the spontaneous dude and dudette that go wherever their hearts takes them, but with your budgets, estimates and plain sanity, an RSVP is key. Enter: the reminder email. A gentle prod in your guests’ inbox with a targeted message can go a long way.

Use Guestsnow’s RSVP Email Reminder to let guests know your awesome event is around the corner, and if they want to take part, here’s where they can RSVP.

Check-in After Your Event, Too

A check-in doesn’t just have to be when your guest arrives at the party and passes the checkpoint. Stay connected with the people who attended and follow up with a post-event email. You can link to some cool pictures, use Guestsnow’s analytics to post interesting stats or simply say hi and thank you.

Lucky for you, Guestsnow has just launched a Follow-Up Email feature, too.

So tie up all your event loose ends with Guestsnow and its latest features, available for one flat fee along with all its other cutting-edge options. Sign into your Guestsnow account or try it out now for free.