Guestsnow Collaborative Feature: Guy Gerber’s Rumors

All good parties require several things to be a hit: an enticing host or theme, animated participants and a smooth guest management process. Guy Gerber’s Rumors, one of Ibiza’s most sought-after parties which now takes place all over the world, serves as the perfect example. Together with Guestsnow, the sky's the limit for this super trendy event.

For the latest party, which just took place with DJ Harvey in Los Angeles’ Chinatown, Rumors used Guestsnow and its versatile sub-account feature to connect the multiple organizers involved. With a first-class party like Rumors that hosts thousands of enthusiastic party-goers, that included artist managers, agencies, event promoters and event production staff -- all running on their own schedules and dealing with their respective contacts. With sub-accounts, Guestsnow allowed each team to manage their own guest lists, adding names at their leisure without interfering with other lists or confounding data from other sources. They could even limit each list’s check-in capacity to ensure the venue didn’t exceed its maximum numbers.

Guestsnow’s sub-accounts are a lifesaver in this scenario -- every team retains control of its contacts and its process which minimizes both conflict and disorganization. There’s no longer a need for a single event organizer to juggle thousands of names on a deadline (we all know nobody keeps those and names always get added during events) and time usually wasted on stress and lack of communication is reinvested in better ways.

If you haven’t yet, check out Guestnow’s new sub-accounts feature to streamline your guest lists, breeze through your check-ins and maybe have a little fun at the party you’re hosting, too. While you’re at it, read about the L.A. Rumors event on LA Weekly -- makes us wish we were back on the block.