5 Tips on How to Prep for an Event

There’s a big difference between “how to prep an event” and “how to prep for an event.” And the latter is just as important as the former. While at Guestsnow, we strive to make your event preparation a smooth and easy process via our event app, we also want to make sure you remain your best self before, during and after the events you run. Here are our 5 tips for event planners to stay on top of their events and themselves.

Be you and trust your intuition

Good event planning requires a mix of creativity and organization. Whoever it is you’re working the event for may have authority on the goals, budget and big decisions, but your vision and opinion are essential as well. Expressing them skillfully won’t just help you stay sane and positive, it’ll upgrade your event from being well-executed to brilliantly conceived.  

Do what works for you

There are many event planners out there and there are just as many ways to plan an event successfully. While some people like creating hyper-organized spreadsheets with assigned tasks and status updates, others work more organically with a day-to-day to-do list. The key is to find the best method for you so you’re not trying to both plan an event and adjust to a counter-intuitive way of managing it. 

Take things one step at a time

Looking at the above-mentioned spreadsheet might calm your nerves, or it may give you hives. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed and set small goals that you can accomplish one at a time. It’s tried-and-true, and the more you enjoy that feeling of completion, the more it will snowball until your final masterpiece comes to life.

Charm the venue and the vendors

Whether you’re a one-(wo)man show or have a full team by your side, getting the managers of your venue on board will not only help things run smoothly, it’ll make it way more fun, too. Befriending the little guys will work wonders as well. Whether it’s the sound technician who has incentive to go above and beyond to troubleshoot an issue or the bartender that finds the cocktail mixes that’ll give you more bang for your buck, you catch more flies with honey.

Pamper yourself

It’s easy to let your me-time slide when things ramp up and event-day is near. Don’t underestimate the power of a relaxing massage or a mani-pedi (guys can enjoy these too!) a day or two before. Your confidence and positive attitude are just as important as your guest check-in.

Now that you’ve taken care of yourself, rest assured that your events are in good hands with Guestsnow. We’ll make your check-in process as smooth as possible from any device, help you organize your guest lists effectively and understand your trends in depth -- all for one flat fee. Sign into your Guestsnow account to infuse all this positive energy into your next event, or sign up with Guestsnow for free to test it out.