Guestsnow Spotlight: Club James

Nobody likes a party crasher. Making sure your events are filled with only your VIPs is one of our priorities here at Guestsnow.

Take our client James Goldstein: this millionaire NBA super-supporter hosts the most exclusive parties in his home, known as the Sheats Goldstein Residence in Beverly Hills. Recently, Mr. Goldstein threw a party in Club James, the nightclub located below the mansion. And he used Guestsnow to manage it.

With an open bar sponsored by Red Bull and music DJ’d by the very talented Guy Gerber, this prestigious event welcomed close to 250 people at full capacity for 3 hours, from 9AM until midnight. Of course, it was by invitation only, thus it was crucial that only those on the exclusive guest list would be given access.

Enter: Guestsnow

Guestsnow guaranteed that only guests who were invited were allowed inside and helped Mr. Goldstein’s team properly organize invitees according to priority thanks to our advanced check-in and guest list management tool app. When patrons arrived, they promptly received easy check-in at the gate, provided they were on the list. A mini van would be waiting at the foot of the hill to drive guests to the club, where security stood waiting to double-check their entrance stamps. Guestsnow is proud to say the event was tightly run with no hiccups, all thanks to proper preparation and the power of Guestsnow event management app.

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