Guestsnow Spotlight: SLOTix

Credit: Live Nation TV

Credit: Live Nation TV

Everyone loves getting the VIP treatment, and these days, it’s easier than ever to purchase tailored specialty experiences to satisfy your wildest fan dreams. In music especially, where concerts are overtaking album sales to become the main source of revenue for artists -- Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic Tour has just exceeded $129 million in tickets -- providing more options for fans to enjoy their favorite acts is both attractive and lucrative.

Our client, SLOTix, is an industry leader in premium concert packages, creating customized VIP packages for artists like Bruno Mars, P!nk, Sam Smith and Paul McCartney. With offerings ranging from premium seating and hospitality to priority check-in and exclusive merch, SLO needs an event management partner that can fit all their needs.

That’s where we come in! Using Guestsnow helps SLOTix manage their events across multiple cities, venues, and partners. Whatever the experience, Guestsnow’s digital check-in services, QR code scan, offline mode, and tiered account access tools have helped SLOTix stay organized and hitch-free. For example, SLOTix can assign Limited Staff or Limited Manager access to a specific venue to help the door staff in Los Angeles check people in for that date only, or the team in New York to oversee the management of that particular show. This ensures only certain managers can add guests to the list, keeps party crashers out and protects client data.

As the holiday season nears and VIP packages are sure to be a popular gift for fans of all ages, Guestsnow couldn’t be more excited to work with a company that puts smiles on so many people’s faces.

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