Why Pick Guestsnow over Other Competitors

Guestsnow has so many awesome features but why you should pick us? Let us show you the reasons to switch over to us.

1. Pricing

We offer affordable pricing that helps you with your event budget and helps you to save money to spend it on something else. It's only $79/event with all our features or $200/month without RSVP feature or $280/month with all of our features. Why pay over $500 per event with others? We don't charge extra for additional features. One price includes all. With our monthly subscription, you can cancel it anytime. There is no commitment. Learn more about our pricing and features here

2. User Friendly Interface

Our easy to use and guide interface help you to navigate though creating event, importing guest lists, and inviting your guests easily. Simple steps instead of a confusing interface.

3. Customization 

We offer invites and RSVP page customization. Instead of having you design and trying to figure out how to design your invite and RSVP page yourself that take hours and frustration, we do the work for you. Why put yourself through that? We are here to help! It does not cost much for this service. Please contact us to discuss!

4. Offline Mode

If your event location has spotty service or has no signal, you can still use event tech with us! Our offline mode will be your light to pull you out of the dark ages (use clipboard to check guests in). We do not charge extra for offline mode. It is even included in our Basic Free Plan. Why pay extra? 

5. Guests & Lists

You can upload and check in as many guests as you want & create and save as many guests list as you want. No extra charge for additional guests you add to your lists. While others charge extra for every 100 guests.  Why would we charge extra for that? #beourgjests 

6. iOS & Android app

Guestsnow offers both iOS and Android event technology app. We have you covered.