Case Study - Mixmag Lab NYC


Mixmag, the world's leading electronic music magazine, uses gjests to manage Mixmag Lab, its can't-miss weekly party for industry movers and shakers which is live-streamed around the globe. When every guest is a VIP effortless entry is the bare minimum. For an even better experience, Guestsnow customized Mixmag's weekly RSVP invites so only invited guests can RSVP, to keep the event exclusive.  Mixmag uses gjests to maintain its cutting-edge reputation and eliminate embarrassing guest list snafus.

Guestsnow features Mixmag Lab utilizes:

  • RSVP feature 
  • Customized RSVP invite
  • Un-invite guest feature
  • Scan QR code 
  • Mobile app check-in