What Are Contributors? Manager, Limited Manager, Promoter,Staff and Limited Staff?

To create a new contributor, you create it under User Profile -> Account -> Invite

Manager Access 

Manager has very similar capabilities as Administrator of the account. The differences are Manager cannot create sub-accounts/invite contributor and does not have access to billing tab. 

Limited Manager Access 

Limited Manager has the same function as Manager but only has access to event he is assigned to. 

You assign Limited Manager in Create Event screen


Promoter Access 

Administrator and Manager can assign guest lists to Promoter to add guest's names. Each guest list can only have one PromoterPromoter can only view the data, send rsvp invites/confirmation emails, and edit guests of the list to the event that he is assigned to. Promoter can also add guests to his lists on the go via mobile app or web app.

Promoter cannot:

  • Create event
  • Check guests in
  • Can't create sub-accounts
  • Does have access to billing tab
  • Does not have access to other guest lists and events that he is not assigned to

Staff Access

This is perfect for door staffs since Staff access has the ability to check guests in and check on the stats of the event only. Staff does not have access to do anything else like adding guests. 

Limited Staff Access

Limited Staff has the same function as Staff but only has access to event he is assigned to. 

You assign Limited Staff to an event in Create Event screen.


NOTE:You can send this link to your contributors and they can learn the step by step to sign up with gjests and how to gjests - http://www.gjests.com/questions/2016/10/1/contributor