A Sparkling Transformation with New Features

It's been a sparkling 2016 thus far! What better way to bring in the new year than with a new look and new features. Our web app has transformed to an even better design to help you navigate our system with ease. We thrive on a user friendly experience with simple design as well as excellent customer service.

Our new features include:


We've created an important feature to add comments to your guest's profile so that you can be better prepared when a guest arrives at the door. For example, Derek Zoolander is under Super VIP and you want to seat him at Front Row Seat 1 and give him a special gift bag. In the note, you can type in "Front Row Seat 1 & special gift bag".

New Formats for Uploads

It's the same as before, but now you can add notes in your guest lists! New formats to upload your guest lists in Excel and CSV are as follows: Format 1 (no need to separate last name) & Format 2

Un-invite Guests

We know its not nice but sometimes there are party crushers and sometimes the event is at capacity. Now you can edit your RSVP guest list before the event to make sure you have the right amount of guests and the right guests. We got you! Our system will send an un-invite email to the guests for you.