Say "yes" to gjests

     Have you ever had a bad experience checking people in for an event? Or alternatively, waited in line for what seemed like an eternity because of chaos at the door?  At gjests (pronounced “yests”, a play on the Norwegian word for "guest"), we strive to make the guest list experience as seamless as possible.  Our free app simplifies the check-in process with a user-friendly interface, multiple guest list management, email confirmations, digital barcodes, and much, much more. Ditch the clipboard, ditch the chaos. Download our free app and sign up for an account.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to view product updates and all the fun concerts/trade shows/festivals our partners throw to stave off the FOMO and to get in the know. 

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Why gjests?

✓ Free software and app 

✓ Quick check-in

✓ User friendly interface

✓ Multiple guest lists management

✓ Capacity and profitability tracking

✓ Quick add for last minute guests

✓ Secure server

✓ Multiple level access to the system

✓ Multiple guest tiers

✓ Automatic email confirmation to confirmed guests

✓ Sync in real time

✓ We do not sell any of your information or data to anyone.  

✓ Send RSVP link to invited guests to RSVP 

✓ Ticketing (in development)

✓ Work when offline (in development)