New Season || New Features

Halloween is right around the corner. There are guests to invite and parties to be had.  We've rolled out several new features since our mid-June launch to create a better system that comes with no trick, only treat:

1. Upload lists with ease 

Choose from two different formats to upload your guest lists in cvs/excel:  Click here to look at the template 1 & click here to look at template 2

2. Link your Social Media accounts

This will be included in your email confirmation.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

3.  Enjoy our new and improved email confirmation template

4.  Create RSVP Event

Select "RSVP Event" to send invites to your guests to confirm their attendance. Once your guests RSVP'd the event, they will get a confirmation email and their name will be on the guest list. As simple as that.