Events are Stressful. Let us help you simplify guest list management and check-in.


What is gjests

gjests (pronounced as “yests” is a play on the Norwegian word for guest) is a web and mobile app guest list management. This unique app lets you invite and check guests or members in to events and venues with minimum cost, hassle, and waste. gjests is loaded with user-friendly features that helps you to manage your guest list easily, and can handle any level of guest volumes . Forget endless printouts and juggling multiple software applications. gjests puts total control in the palm of your hand in one easy app. gjests is the solution for you.

Ditch your clipboard and step into the digital age. Why not try it for free? Sign up now!

gjests mission 

"'For a while' is a phrase whose length can't be measured.  At least by the person who's waiting." 
     -Haruki Murakami

Our founder, Jocelyn Loo, was inspired to create gjests after standing in line for what seemed like hours while organizers checked guests in with a clipboard. "We live in a digital world. Why are guests lists still analogue?"

She set out to create a solution and launched gjests in the summer of 2015. The goal: To offer organizers and venues an affordable, integrated guest list management tool that would save money, time, and hassle.

The gjests team has worked hard to refine the app over a year of beta testing, incorporating feedback from dozens of clients. The result is an intuitive, simple, robust tool that revolutionizes guest list managment so organizers can "ditch the clipboard" and join the digital age.

"We believe organizers deserve to have fun too," says Loo. "gjests reduces the cost and stress of event management so guests and planners alike have more fun."

gjests offers simple, efficient, purpose-built software that is constantly being improved and updated, plus superb customer service. Why waste money, time and good will by making your guests wait in line any longer? Make a move. Ditch the clipboard. Be our "gjests".

Why pick gjests

  • Free app software
  • Easy set up
  • Invite delivery status
  • RSVP link to confirm attendance 
  • Multiple guest tiers
  • Unlimited check-in
  • Real time sync for multiple lists
  • Event analytics 
  • Offline mode 
  • User-friendly interface
  • Quick check-in with mobile app
  • Multiple level account access
  • Custom RSVP features
  • White label
  • Unlimited invitations 
  • Quick add for last minute guests 
  • Secure server 
  • Facebook event integration