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Target Brooklyn Store Opening

image from Brooklyn Eagle 

image from Brooklyn Eagle 

We are honored to have Target used Guestsnow for their Brooklyn store opening and helped them to have a smooth check-in process. 

Target wanted to have their RSVP invite stands out more and requested us to customize their RSVP template. Since it is important for branding, they chose the white label service. Unlike our competitors, Guestsnow does not charge extra for our white label service, it's all a part of our friendly customer first approach. The RSVP invites were sent out from Guestsnow system to make the RSVP progress easier for both every organizer and event attendees because all event attendees needed to do was to click on the RSVP button to RSVP the event to received a confirmation. As for the event organizer, they utilized their free time: in lieu of manually confirming each guest they were able to focus on other event planning tasks. 

It was a big celebration event and it really helped to have event tech to expedite the check-in. Our QR code came in handle to help the check-in because instead of checking everyone's name, the event hosts scanned the guest's barcode to easy check-in the guests. It's essential for over 500 people event. 

image from Brooklyn Eagle 

image from Brooklyn Eagle 

Guestsnow Guest List Management & Check-In Outperforms Microsoft Excel As A Guest List Tool

Managing event guest lists using Excel spreadsheets is outdated and inefficient. Are you an event planner currently using Excel spreadsheets to manage your guest lists? That's like using Zack Morris's cell phone today.

The latest in event tech, Guestsnow - guest list management app, is named a “must-have” by Mixmag (click to read the article here), has the perfect solution for you.

Guestsnow, guest list management and check-in app, does everything that you as an event planner want in Excel but with more features and is more efficient. We save you time and stress. 

Benefits of using gjests: 

  • Makes you look look more professional checking guests in with phone or ipad
  • Efficient check-in
  • Track event capacity
  • Real time updates of event capacity
  • Offline mode keep your line smooth to keep checking guests in
  • Check guests in with a click
  • Able to scan barcode to expedite the check-in process
  • Checked-in report download during or after the event 

Our modern approach to event planning gives you the freedom and flexibility to put down the clipboard or move away from your desktop when you are busy hosting a perfect event. Carry Guestsnow event apps in the palm of your hand with our user-friendly mobile app even available in Offline Mode. Tired of exporting .csv sheets from the Facebook event? We have you covered offering full Facebook Event integration with the click of button. We offer simple and stunning visuals, easy setup, and a user-friendly interface. Try it yourself here. (sign up here to free to try it out)

With Guestsnow, never worry about Excel crashing and losing all your work, you can easily sync your changes manually and automatically. Forget the spreadsheets. we make hosting an event a breeze so you can focus on what matters; #TheBestEventEver!

Try us out by signing up today & download our mobile app - iOS & Android.