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All About the RSVP

We're excited to share the launch of Guestsnow's upgraded RSVP system. Our robust new features, from custom subject lines to personalized RSVP links, will ensure your event registration is more professional and easier to manage than ever. Check them out below.

Subject Line

The RSVP Invite Subject Line is now yours to set. This added flexibility -- all included in your flat fee -- allows you to address your guests more

Secure Your Private Event

Hosting a private event? Lose the party crashers and use gjests to manage your invitatins. Simply upload your select guest list and our system will allow only those included to RSVP to your event.

Tier Your Guest Lists with RSVP Links

Another great new feature: create individual RSVP links for each guest list. This is perfect iff you need to tier your guest from GA to VIP when they RSVP the event

Manually Confirm Your Guests or Send Them a Reminder

RSVPs slowing down? Take control and confirm your guests manually by moving them from Pending to RSVP'd. Alternatively, send guests who have yet to confirm a friendly reminder.
Ditch the clipboardTM

Guestsnow Spotlight: Club James

Nobody likes a party crasher. Making sure your events are filled with only your VIPs is one of our priorities here at Guestsnow.

Take our client James Goldstein: this millionaire NBA super-supporter hosts the most exclusive parties in his home, known as the Sheats Goldstein Residence in Beverly Hills. Recently, Mr. Goldstein threw a party in Club James, the nightclub located below the mansion. And he used Guestsnow to manage it.

With an open bar sponsored by Red Bull and music DJ’d by the very talented Guy Gerber, this prestigious event welcomed close to 250 people at full capacity for 3 hours, from 9AM until midnight. Of course, it was by invitation only, thus it was crucial that only those on the exclusive guest list would be given access.

Enter: Guestsnow

Guestsnow guaranteed that only guests who were invited were allowed inside and helped Mr. Goldstein’s team properly organize invitees according to priority thanks to our advanced check-in and guest list management tool app. When patrons arrived, they promptly received easy check-in at the gate, provided they were on the list. A mini van would be waiting at the foot of the hill to drive guests to the club, where security stood waiting to double-check their entrance stamps. Guestsnow is proud to say the event was tightly run with no hiccups, all thanks to proper preparation and the power of Guestsnow event management app.

Don't compromise quality when it comes to your events. Try us out for your next function on Guestsnow. Our full suite of features, from manual guest check-in to robust list management, is available for one flat fee per event.

Target Brooklyn Store Opening

image from Brooklyn Eagle 

image from Brooklyn Eagle 

We are honored to have Target used Guestsnow for their Brooklyn store opening and helped them to have a smooth check-in process. 

Target wanted to have their RSVP invite stands out more and requested us to customize their RSVP template. Since it is important for branding, they chose the white label service. Unlike our competitors, Guestsnow does not charge extra for our white label service, it's all a part of our friendly customer first approach. The RSVP invites were sent out from Guestsnow system to make the RSVP progress easier for both every organizer and event attendees because all event attendees needed to do was to click on the RSVP button to RSVP the event to received a confirmation. As for the event organizer, they utilized their free time: in lieu of manually confirming each guest they were able to focus on other event planning tasks. 

It was a big celebration event and it really helped to have event tech to expedite the check-in. Our QR code came in handle to help the check-in because instead of checking everyone's name, the event hosts scanned the guest's barcode to easy check-in the guests. It's essential for over 500 people event. 

image from Brooklyn Eagle 

image from Brooklyn Eagle 

Off-the-Grid Events Made Easy by Guestsnow

Check Perfect Location off your event to-do list. gjests now offers Offline Mode

Internet access shouldn't stop you from hosting your event in its perfect location. 😊 If limited internet or spotty access is what's available, simply swipe Offline Mode on to get your entire guest list and details on your device. It's that easy. 
With Guestsnow, our Offline Mode feature enables you to pick the perfect location for your event without sacrificing on efficient guest list check-ins and management. 
Try us out by signing up today & download our offline mode mobile app - iOS & Android

Learn about our Full Facebook Integration and our cost-effective Pricing details. 
Made with 💛 in California. 

Case Study - Alpha Delta Phi


This sorority discovered that gjests is a simple, economical, eco-friendly way to organize its social functions. "I'm absolutely obsessed by this app," said social chair Stasia Milios. "It's a genius idea that provides an easy, paperless way to do check-ins." Various chapters used gjests to create and manage guest lists for sorority formals, as well as to ensure the smooth running of fund-raisers and other community events. 

Guestsnow features that Alpha Delta Phi utilized:

  • Guest list feature
  • Confirmation email
  • Scan QR codes
  • Mobile app check-in
  • Add/edit note on mobile app

Event Manager Blog Review on Guestsnow (Formerly Gjests)

Thank you Event Manager Blog for such an awesome review on gjests

gjests: What Is It?

Gjests (pronounced “yests”) is a web and mobile guest list management tool that lets you invite and check-in attendees to an event. It allows event planners, venues and promoters to make their check-in process more streamlined, faster and professional.

Coordinating RSVPs, different guest lists from different event partners and guests of guests can become a nightmare and end up taking a lot of time or causing delays at the entrance. Of course all guests want faster check in, a trend we highlighted back in 2014. Clip boards and countless scraps of paper are simply one of the things we don’t need anymore at events. Gjests creates a digital, real time guest list and speeds up check-in to the event to make the welcome more streamlined and professional.

To read more about the review -