Case Studies

Guestsnow Spotlight: Melbourne AFL Football Club

Find out how the Melbourne Australian Football League (AFL) Club uses Guestsnow to check-in their fans to all their events, big or small, complex or simple, in stadium or not.

Guestsnow Spotlight: SLOTix

Find out how Guestsnow has partnered with SLOTix to manage check-in for their VIP experiences. 

Guestsnow Spotlight: Red Bull Breakfast Club

When the king of energy comes to you to help organize one of their parties, you better be at the top of your game to make sure everything goes without a hitch. Red Bull has worked with Guestsnow for several of their events, including Club James earlier this year, and one of their favorite features is our multiple-level access to guest list management.

They used it again for the Red Bull Breakfast Club event they hosted at Life Is Beautiful this September. If you’re not familiar, Life Is Beautiful is an annual music/art/culinary festival in downtown Las Vegas that started in 2013. This year’s festivities were headlined by acts like Chance the Rapper, Gorillaz, Muse, Lorde and featured street artists and food installations to delight every palate.

For their event, Red Bull asked their production company, GRIT NY, to use Guestsnow for check-in. All collaborators, from admins to event managers across GRIT and Red Bull, had access to the app, allowing everyone involved to easily add guests to the list before and during the event. Red Bull oversaw app permissions so that for example check-in staff would only be authorized to check guests in without affecting the list.

Other useful Guestsnow features Red Bull enjoyed include our RSVP invitations, QR Code scans and offline mode. The event was a hit with the 900+ guests and Red Bull, and we look forward to working with them again!

Join them and us in the Ditch the Clipboard™ movement and try Guestsnow for your next event, large or small.

Guestsnow Collaborative Feature: Guy Gerber’s Rumors

All good parties require several things to be a hit: an enticing host or theme, animated participants and a smooth guest management process. Guy Gerber’s Rumors, one of Ibiza’s most sought-after parties which now takes place all over the world, serves as the perfect example. Together with Guestsnow, the sky's the limit for this super trendy event.

For the latest party, which just took place with DJ Harvey in Los Angeles’ Chinatown, Rumors used Guestsnow and its versatile sub-account feature to connect the multiple organizers involved. With a first-class party like Rumors that hosts thousands of enthusiastic party-goers, that included artist managers, agencies, event promoters and event production staff -- all running on their own schedules and dealing with their respective contacts. With sub-accounts, Guestsnow allowed each team to manage their own guest lists, adding names at their leisure without interfering with other lists or confounding data from other sources. They could even limit each list’s check-in capacity to ensure the venue didn’t exceed its maximum numbers.

Guestsnow’s sub-accounts are a lifesaver in this scenario -- every team retains control of its contacts and its process which minimizes both conflict and disorganization. There’s no longer a need for a single event organizer to juggle thousands of names on a deadline (we all know nobody keeps those and names always get added during events) and time usually wasted on stress and lack of communication is reinvested in better ways.

If you haven’t yet, check out Guestnow’s new sub-accounts feature to streamline your guest lists, breeze through your check-ins and maybe have a little fun at the party you’re hosting, too. While you’re at it, read about the L.A. Rumors event on LA Weekly -- makes us wish we were back on the block.

Guestsnow Spotlight: Club James

Nobody likes a party crasher. Making sure your events are filled with only your VIPs is one of our priorities here at Guestsnow.

Take our client James Goldstein: this millionaire NBA super-supporter hosts the most exclusive parties in his home, known as the Sheats Goldstein Residence in Beverly Hills. Recently, Mr. Goldstein threw a party in Club James, the nightclub located below the mansion. And he used Guestsnow to manage it.

With an open bar sponsored by Red Bull and music DJ’d by the very talented Guy Gerber, this prestigious event welcomed close to 250 people at full capacity for 3 hours, from 9AM until midnight. Of course, it was by invitation only, thus it was crucial that only those on the exclusive guest list would be given access.

Enter: Guestsnow

Guestsnow guaranteed that only guests who were invited were allowed inside and helped Mr. Goldstein’s team properly organize invitees according to priority thanks to our advanced check-in and guest list management tool app. When patrons arrived, they promptly received easy check-in at the gate, provided they were on the list. A mini van would be waiting at the foot of the hill to drive guests to the club, where security stood waiting to double-check their entrance stamps. Guestsnow is proud to say the event was tightly run with no hiccups, all thanks to proper preparation and the power of Guestsnow event management app.

Don't compromise quality when it comes to your events. Try us out for your next function on Guestsnow. Our full suite of features, from manual guest check-in to robust list management, is available for one flat fee per event.

Target Brooklyn Store Opening

image from Brooklyn Eagle 

image from Brooklyn Eagle 

We are honored to have Target used Guestsnow for their Brooklyn store opening and helped them to have a smooth check-in process. 

Target wanted to have their RSVP invite stands out more and requested us to customize their RSVP template. Since it is important for branding, they chose the white label service. Unlike our competitors, Guestsnow does not charge extra for our white label service, it's all a part of our friendly customer first approach. The RSVP invites were sent out from Guestsnow system to make the RSVP progress easier for both every organizer and event attendees because all event attendees needed to do was to click on the RSVP button to RSVP the event to received a confirmation. As for the event organizer, they utilized their free time: in lieu of manually confirming each guest they were able to focus on other event planning tasks. 

It was a big celebration event and it really helped to have event tech to expedite the check-in. Our QR code came in handle to help the check-in because instead of checking everyone's name, the event hosts scanned the guest's barcode to easy check-in the guests. It's essential for over 500 people event. 

image from Brooklyn Eagle 

image from Brooklyn Eagle 

Case Study - Alpha Delta Phi


This sorority discovered that gjests is a simple, economical, eco-friendly way to organize its social functions. "I'm absolutely obsessed by this app," said social chair Stasia Milios. "It's a genius idea that provides an easy, paperless way to do check-ins." Various chapters used gjests to create and manage guest lists for sorority formals, as well as to ensure the smooth running of fund-raisers and other community events. 

Guestsnow features that Alpha Delta Phi utilized:

  • Guest list feature
  • Confirmation email
  • Scan QR codes
  • Mobile app check-in
  • Add/edit note on mobile app

Case Study - LED


When party promoter LED wanted to escape the tyranny of endless print-outs it turned to gjests to bring its guest list into the digital age. LED stands for My Life Every Day and its ethos is celebrating music and embracing technology to make the most of every moment. So it ditched the clipboards and brought its entry system in line with its ideals by using the app to manage multiple sub-promoters and guest lists at San Diego's favorite clubs including Bang Bang, Quarteryard, and Music Box. LED also relied on gjests to manage guest lists for its MyLED USA Festival.

Guestsnow features that LED utilizes:

  • Guest list feature
  • Promoter access
  • Staff Access
  • Check-in feature
  • Mobile app check-in
  • Add guests via mobile app
  • Add/edit note when check guests in
  • Guest list limitation
  • Event analytics

Case Study - Mixmag Lab NYC


Mixmag, the world's leading electronic music magazine, uses gjests to manage Mixmag Lab, its can't-miss weekly party for industry movers and shakers which is live-streamed around the globe. When every guest is a VIP effortless entry is the bare minimum. For an even better experience, Guestsnow customized Mixmag's weekly RSVP invites so only invited guests can RSVP, to keep the event exclusive.  Mixmag uses gjests to maintain its cutting-edge reputation and eliminate embarrassing guest list snafus.

Guestsnow features Mixmag Lab utilizes:

  • RSVP feature 
  • Customized RSVP invite
  • Un-invite guest feature
  • Scan QR code 
  • Mobile app check-in